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The Otomotif College (TOC)

The Otomotif College (TOC) was established in 2005 with an industry-relevant curriculum based on experiential learning to produce the highly competent and qualified graduates who would meet the needs of the automotive industry.

A new generation of high-tech automotive technicians armed with computerized diagnostic tools and engine analyses have replaced the antiquated image of the auto-mechanic in a greasy apron and armed with a spanner. High-tech systems that were unknown 30 years ago are now common: stability and traction control systems, adaptive cruise control and variable valve timing, to name but a few.
At TOC, we foresaw these developments and moved quickly to invest in the kind of high-end equipment and facilities that ensure that our students are able to adapt to this rapidly evolving environment. Coupled with a staff of top-grade experienced trainers, sourced from around the world, we are able to engage students with technologically-advanced equipment and software to provide them with a constantly evolving, world-class automotive education.
In 2009, as a response to the growing importance and challenging dynamic of Malaysia’s motorsport industry, TOC instituted Malaysia’s first ever Diploma in Motorsport Technology. It’s part of a philosophy that sees TOC constantly pushing boundaries to remain at the forefront of automotive and motorsport education and to provide the best possible training, facilities and opportunities for our students and graduates.
In July 2012, TOC college is graded 5-Star by Department of Skills Development’s (DSD) under the Ministry of Human Resource, Malaysia in its inaugural audit of 2011.


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What Others Are Saying About Us
  • I've always had a curiosity for cars. At TOC, my favourite subjects were the Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) and CAN-Bus systems. The instructors were really good at explaining the systems and bringing the lessons to life. I interned at Porsche Glenmarie, and am now working there as a service advisor. It’s a good place to get an in-depth look at Porsches and learn about how they work. I’m also undergoing management training: in the future I hope to be a part of car design and building
    Yap Lee Kiat (DAT)
  • It wasn't until after finishing school that I realised that my passion lies in automotive. After volunteering for race teams and becoming a pit crew in the Merdeka Millennium Endurance Race 2010, I knew motorsports is where I want to be. At TOC, I learn the core knowledge required in the automotive and motorsport industry, then furthered that knowledge with real life application during my internship. I am currently working at Deus Automotive, a company that specializes in the design and manufacture of custom car chassis. This is where my knowledge from studying the Motorsport Chassis System subject is really paying off in helping me understand the dynamics behind a car’s chassis. I'm now practically learning to build a car from scratch, and hopefully I'll be able to get in the driver’s seat to test it out as well.   I'm intending to further my studies to become a race engineer by pursing a Bachelor's Degree. I hope to one day to form and manage my own motorsport team.
    Lam Boon Yee from Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan
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  • TOC 167毕业生领证书
    China Press TOC 167毕业生领证书    马来亚汽车学院 (The Otomotif College,简称TOC)目前举行第五届毕业典礼,邀请大马森那美汽车行业有限公司执行董事何国文出席见证。   何国文在致词时表示,近数十年来国内汽车行业蓬勃发展,业界也面临人才要重短缺的现象。“今年有37名TOC学生,安排到大马森那美汽车实习,我们希望跟TOC更紧密合作,为大马培育更多汽车专业人才。”   该公司目前有25个职位空缺,等着TOC优秀毕业生前来就业。何国文特别提醒毕业生,在追求事业的同时,别忘了平衡社交生活。                                           TOC荣获五星级荣誉   马来亚汽车科技学院(TOC)于2011年,获得技术发展审核局领发满分五星级的荣誉。学院总裁兼办人胡丽筠表示,马来西亚汽车科技学院是巴生谷唯一在汽车机械课程项目中;获得五星奖荣誉的学院。 read more
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